September 12, 2008

Why are you so serious?

After living in the fashion capital of world for more than 3 years, I am still not able to understand the psychology of a consumerist! How can people sleep at the entrance of an apple store just to buy an iphone? What makes people starve and save money just to buy an expensive branded hand bag? What makes people crave so much for a name tag? I don’t know! I recently read about this controversial photographs published in the Vogue magazine, showing the poor villagers posing with very expensive products! It sparked a big debate in India, some consider it as very aesthetic to see the contrast but some consider it as vulgar. Vulgar in the exaggeration, as in babies or kids playing with sex toys! Well! In my view I see the contrast in that heartfelt laughter and the expensive bag; luckily in India you see the former more than the latter! Yeah! One thing I miss the most in Paris, is the smile in people’s face and laughter in public places as we see a lot of it in India! I bet it can light up even a very gloomy environment!

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marc said...

a provoquing campaign can maybe be a way that the new rich indians who care only about materialistic stuff notice that they have left a lot of people behind that can smile for nothing and enjoy the nice little moments of happiness in the big misery they are living in. Smiling people will never disappear from earth because our society makes sure there is enough poverty on earth, thanks for that.
another point of this campaign is that finally they take models that smile even if they have no teeth anymore, do we start to feel that a smile can solve so many things???