September 11, 2008

No country for single women!

Exactly 7 years back on this very same day, I learnt a very expensive lesson at a cost of 10 rupees (just a fraction of a cent)! I was new to a city life, my first few years in Bangalore was lot like “the pig in the city”! Completely lost, taken by shock of peoples busy and ‘I don’t have time to care about others’ life style. I lost my purse with just with 10 rupees, but the bank card people forced me to go to police station and file a complaint. Well! Sitting in an Indian police station can be the one of the worst thing that can happen for a girl. A girl sitting alone in a police station is by default labelled as prostitute, with people giving me dirty looks I was made to sit there for 2 hours watching the policemen kicking the criminals. I was made to sit there just because I didn’t know the ‘right’ way to get the work done, finally policemen broke the ice by saying I can leave soon depending on the fees I pay, he was expecting bloody bribe just to file a complaint! Finally, I have to pay 100 rupees just to get out of that place and to go home and cry! Spent the whole day crying, until I saw the twin tower collapsing in my evening news! Well! There are bigger problems in life, may be such stupid police story will not make me cry today, may be this is called growing stronger? But still I break down under various circumstances. I have to quote a poet again “வானம் எனகொரு போத்தி மரம்! நாலும் எனக்கது சேதிதரும்! “Sky is our Bodhi tree and everyday is enlightening “! The above incident made me realize how difficult a single girl’s life can be in India, a nation with family orientated society, no country for single women!


Anonymous said...

May be a male chauvinistic society too?

Uma said...

I dont think so! But being single women is something new in that society, it will take sometime to have a social status! Mostly women are more harrased by other women than by men! but the role of women, atleast in the the families i have seen so far, the women rule the home! I have grown up seeing my mom or grand mom taking all the major finacial decisions!

iamyuva said...

may be... but this police story is common for single or married men or married women..

and ofcourse..worst is bigger..