September 15, 2008

To my lost love!

I have to dedicate this entry to my love, someone who was with me in rains and shines, who carried me with love, also made me cry on the road, helped me financially by saving the metro pass money, I saved atleast 2000 Euros in the last 3 years because of him, I explored Paris holding his hands, had big adventure together, it was only with him I dared to break the rules, even the French police understood our love and always just gave us warnings, yes! He stood by me when I was dealing with the French traffic police, not just once but all the three times. Today finally I have to say good bye to him, I am very sad, but also in a way I expected this to happen someday, things were not going smooth for sometime, he was not behaving well in public , let me down helplessly in the middle of the road many days, started being very loud. At least for last 6 months there were thoughts flashing for moments to get rid of him, but I didn’t dare to do it! Today he got to know my intentions I guess, he just disappeared.

Now! I am mourning with my fovourite tunes! I dedicate this song to my love that I lost today and to my all love that I have lost over past few years! I miss my bike, which was stolen today! This is for you my love!


ashgene said...

உமா ! ஒரு நிமிஷம் எல்லாறையும் கதிகலங்க வச்சிடிங்கா....

MrM said...

Uma, you´re so cheesy you should be shot... to the Moon of course!
We´ll get you a new two wheeled lover in no time, not to worry!