July 30, 2008


You all know how bad I am in picking up a new language! In spite of living in Paris for more than 3 years, I still don’t know if this word ‘Volunteer’ exist in any of the Latin language or not! In my school days we had an association call National Social Service, students volunteer in this association to go to village to spread social awareness, do some cleaning etc. It was one of the very tough things I have done so far; during these services we have to live in extreme conditions and most of the places we were not welcomed! In spite of this, each year there were over flowing amount of volunteer as it gives us some sort of satisfaction, nice and peaceful sleep at the end of a very hectic 'bad' day!

Yesterday as we were organising a lab event, a friend’s thesis defence and farewell! I had tough time explaining this term ‘Volunteer’ to my Latin language speaking friends! I really wish this beautiful term do exist in Latin languages and hope that the small set of different ‘Latin speakers’ I met yesterday where ignorant of this word and the divine happiness this word gives. yeah! That should be the case as my online dictionary shows Etymology of this word volunteer as Latin(French). Otherwise It will be very scary to live in a Latin country, especially if there is a big unexpected disaster like Tsunami where the government may not be fully equipped to help the public and may end up depending on volunteers, after all its not good to live with an ego centric thought that my tax money that I pay the government can give all the security I need!

Yesterday I had a tough day and a peaceful night, the whole day revealed me the people I can count on!


Anonymous said...

Er, my friend, this again proves you need to work harder on your French. Volunteer originally came to the English language via French (volontaire) which in turn comes from the Latin voluntaris, which basically means doing things out of free will. So yes, definitely, the word exists in EVERY Latin language, and the fact that your friends did not seem to understand it has nothing to do with their speaking or understanding abilities, but indeed with their goodwill, or rather, lack thereof.

Uma said...

yeah! my dear anonymous! i understand, i checked the Etymology before writing this entry! i was just pouring out my disappointment in my labmates in a strange way! thanks for the explanation!