July 08, 2008

To meet and part!

Last few weeks was spent in just saying bye-bye to friends and colleagues so, obviously lots of eating, drinking, celebrating the successful completion of thesis, masters project, getting a fellowship etc. etc. Many many people leaving/joining the lab and that makes me one of the older members of the lab. Almost the complete crowd you see in the below photo was not there when I joined the lab, it makes me wonder what bids us so strongly just in a very short period of time and makes us come together in rain and shine! I will miss my lab! This condition was described as a part of learning, in a couplet, almost 2000 years back by the Tamil poet, Tiruvalluvar in one of Tamil's most celebrated work Thirukkural .

"உவல்ப்பத் தலைக்கூடி உள்ளப் பிரிதல்
அனைத்தே புலவர் தொழில்."

You meet with joy, with pleasant thought you part; Such is the learned scholar's wonderous art! .

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iamyuva said...

althou we never understand- there is a reason why 'good' is in 'goodbye'