July 03, 2008

Academia here I come!

I am now starting the most difficult part of my PhD, writing the thesis. Last few weeks I was messing up with an manuscript, with that fear being a part of my depression, I almost lost all my hope of finishing my Phd in time, till I spoke to my boss yesterday,we had similar conversation and he made me realize that when I have enough facts (wait! its not made up) I can make a thesis by approaching the conclusion by describing my results step by step! Thank you boss! Academia here I come!

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Anonymous said...

As a sum up for all the posts of the recent days - how about another Calvin & Hobbes quote:
Be careful or be road-kill...
In other words, in times of doubt and question, tread lightly, but carefully, and in the end, all will shine and make sense. And then you will have euphoria. I swear.