July 17, 2008

Jaane Tu ... Ya Jaane Na

Jaane Tu ... Ya Jaane Na (Whether you know... or not)

Bollywood is still ridiculed by many here in the west but how do they know that it is the best medicine for loneliness, stress and depression! You can just switch off the brain for some time, go to a dream world, far from the bitter reality and have some stimulant for eyes and ears! Even in a depressing day, how can you resist to smile along with Amir Khan or Shahrukh Khan ! Now it is time for the next generation Khan, I saw Imran Khan’s new movie this weekend! Yes! Obviously made me feel old! But he is equally entertaining as other khans! After the big success of all the new comers, I was not able to stop myself from reading the director’s interview…I felt.. well… that is me talking! Someone had once felt the same way as I am feeling recently , but found a way out and got a big success! Here is interview with my little changes to make it suit me! So, the bottom-line is not just the bollywood movie, even their interview can put some hope back in your life! (You know it or not, you accept it or not)

Tyrewala: I went through this really productive phase where I developed three films, one of them happened to be Jaane Tu. Then came a point where I went through depression, writer's block and an intense feeling of loneliness. And I suddenly realised, 'what the hell I've been sitting in a room and typing away on a computer for 12 years. Honestly, I was going to start having conversations with the walls. I desperately needed to be out, working with people because I was losing touch with them. I was so comfortable not interacting with people because I believed human beings are a useless species. (including me) So, for me the biggest challenge was to trust people again and counting on a hundred others to do their job so I could do mine. And that is really what the whole journey of Jaane Tu was about.

NDTV: Depression, writer's block, loneliness, not being able to trust people what happened there?

Tyrewala: I've been unlucky in love. I've been in relationships (including friends and family) that didn't suit my heart, my temperament and my personality. My only way of dealing with that was having a complete breakdown. That's how my system deals with things. It happens once every 10 years year, but I'm done with it now, because I'm quite happy(???)

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