December 01, 2007

Meet the evil monkey!

Evil Monkey EXPLAINED! - The best home videos are here
So, here is the real evil monkey, a character in my favorite "family guy" ! (thanks to my brother he got me a complete set of season one of this American animation series !) but I do meet some evil monkeys in my real life. Especially I am not able to stand the people who forget that "face (eyes) is the index of mind" and try to mask their malice and hatred just with a smile. I grew up hearing that such people living in close proximity with a big smile but sabotaging you in their thoughts and at your back can bring some bad luck for you....yeah! that belief may be as true as Chris(the boy in family guy) seeing a evil monkey in his closet, anyways.... all the evil monkeys may have a sad stories in their past (like the 'real' one) which made them this evil but we are humans and we can try to get this evil monkey out of us." lets try to smile only when we mean it! that will add more charm to our smile"

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