December 13, 2007

marriage of hearts...

Exactly six years before on this same day (how can i forget a terror filled day) I underwent a similar condition,
of course i didn't have remote in my hand, anyway choices aren't so great though. A person like me ( with all the regrets and no valid explanation for this behaviour of mine)...who like to see again only less than 50% of people I meet in my life and get along and be friends with only less than 1 % of those people..... Just a stronger feeling of self is common in these 1% people ( self respect , self confidence and a genuine love for the person I am.. glittering in their their eyes ) ...I know ....i 'may' burn in hell for rejecting the rest 99% of people from my life and for getting tears in my mom's eyes everytime when i say no to her choice.... but being an hypocrite will turn my current life into hell right??? May be I am still following a very cheesy saying , from my childhood bed room poster, give a genuine smile to many but heart just for few!

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iamyuva said...

well.. i consider that 1% to be my 100% so i don't know how other 99% would feel nor do i care about that.

its only human not possible to give genuine smile to many. you cannot please everyone(that matters) choose who do want to please and that name list should start from you (ofcourse should have more than you otherwise its meaningless)