December 06, 2007

Some action thru my window

After a loooong time, my lab was filled with some fun life and action, with new group of people moving in and the absence of 'annoying people' made some big difference... laughing at some silly jokes...I don't know when I last laughed like this...we laughed so much that it got tears our eyes and pain in my stomach. And also today..I fulfilled my long-term dream..., I always hear about 'the famous french demonstrations. After two years finally today got a chance to see it in live....People (god knows for what..t) were on the road making in a big rally..with police trying to stop them in vein..we witnessed some action thru the window. We were locked in for sometime to prevent the crowd from entering and breaking down things in the lab as they did in the near by university last time.
Here, in a developed country where most of the people don't have problem for their basic requirements food, clothing and shelter , Still they invent some new needs and demands and go on street....Oops! All the human needs can never be fulfilled...may its just like trying to fill an pot with a hole.

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Anonymous said...

inner reflects outer or is it outer reflects inner