December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Coming from a country where festivals are seen as bundle of rituals; here I see festivals as an excuse to get together and express the love and gratitude, eat…drink..and party. In the last one week, I had six Christmas dinners and parties, the most impressive ones were the one with my French class, with people across the world, representing all the major religions sitting around the table, contributing some Christmas stories and food from each country, it was a emotional moment; another impressive story was how Micha bought tears in people’s eye by distributing his cute little German Christmas cookies pack. Adding a cherry to the above events was our lab’s Caribbean party today .As I entered the lab today the Caribbean music was breaking the roof tops and we had Gerald behind the bar, to make Caribbean cocktails by lunch time everyone was drunk then it was time to say Happy holidays; we had few high and low times last year, I hope my third year will be better. With this happy note and having few more Christmas dinners to attend before Christmas…Happy Holidays!

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iamyuva said...

wow.. thatz a life i might trade..