June 22, 2007

in the cycle of life...

Its June 21st , the music festival and yesterday evening I did exactly the same stuff as the previous year , but this year the day was filled with stress. yesterday ! I vacated my beautiful room and left my nice work desk with the view of sky (which contributed to some of my blog pictures last year) , I was asked to move out with a short notice. Now temporarily, I am in a small room, although I freaked out when I saw the my boss’s email, end of the day, I was happy that I moved next to Enric’s office (the one person in my lab who spreads some positive energy with ever smiling face and with his positive attitude) . After work, walked around Paris with friends, almost for three hours hearing some heavy music (sounds) and having some ‘light’ chat ..Hmm! That was enough to get rid of some stress and to gain some patience to wait till October, when I will get my new work desk and a whole new team of people! (Hope the new people can get some positive energy for the lab which me and most of lab mates lack now.)

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