June 21, 2007

one step?

What happens when very different types of people get together for finishing a common task? Bit of fun and friction, lots of hard work and one step closer to the goal….


Anonymous said...

How do you say two people are the same ? I think on this earth every individual is unique and different from the other no matter if they say speak the same language or even share the same cultural background. So it is always different kinds of people working together.

Uma said...

I think inspite of the differences; the small amount of commonalities or interests or the priorities shared between people can give assurance and respect for each other in a relationship, in working environment and can bring in harmony.

When all the people are so different, what makes us to feel so intimate only with some people, and while with few others, you never want to see them in your life. What happens when “never want to see them in your life” group of people are put together to work.

More specifically, it’s extremely suffocating to work with people who have conflicting priorities between “Science and Self” inspite of both leading to the same destination “craving for attention and self reorganization “.