June 04, 2007

Few days back...

Last week the plan was to keep away from blogging and concentrate only on my research article writing, I successfully kept myself away from blogging and did some writing along with some pleasant distractions.

Alcidio, my first friend to buy his own beautiful apartment, that too in Paris, that’s definitely an occasion to party, well… we drank lot of champagne!

Micha, my first friend to work as an associate curator in the Paris’s best modern art museum and last week his team arranged for short movie screening on the theme “war and cinema”, artists from Israel and Lebanon were there to show how they captured the emotions of war. After seeing that, I felt how ignorant we are, we see war ‘as just a piece of information’ through news canals or as mellow drama in feature films. But the reality and its impact on the younger generations is much far from our imagination. After seeing the artist’s presentation, talk and discussion, I felt that the seeds of war are within each one of us and in some places circumstances make it grow wild.

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