November 08, 2006


I had sometime (just half a day) to go around Naples, with Marc. Inspite of he doing his PhD with me in Paris, he does some experiments in Naples, as a frequent flyer to Naples he knows the place. Naples was more like some doggy city in India,it seems not very safe for girls to go around alone . During my one week stay, there were 10 murders, Mafias killing each other in public. I got so much of security tips before going to Naples, to be careful with the hand bags and cameras, infact I even didn’t take my SLR with me. If you don’t believe me you can see for yourself, how they lock their cars in Naples. The most of the ATMs don’t work here. I got my money after walking across five crashed ATMs. In restaurant you have to have your eyes open on the bill. I ate an gnocchi for 7 euros and got a bill for 13 euros. I wanted to tell them..”Guys! I am from will be difficult for you guys to cheat me, we keep our eyes open even when we sleep”. Inspite of all these things I am happy with my trip, I was able to see the strong network of family here. Mothers hugging their babies as they walk rather than carrying it like a super market commodity…In touristy places and in restaurants you can see young and older generation eating our as family, which is very rare to see in Paris (unless its Christmas). I was able to feel why my friends love India, inspite of they end up having atleast one police case, with their stolen things during their travel in India. I felt the same in Naples. More Naples...

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