November 30, 2006

In a foggy night…

Its getting cold in Paris… start of winter… the beauty of Paris never inspired me to venture out in winter….a stroll next to the river…to see Eiffel tower in snow…no way! … Just like to fold myself inside thick rugs and keep drinking liters of tea, of course with lots of chips watching all the possible crappy movies, just by keeping with the eyes outside the rug. I was dreaming to do that tonight too, but thanks to Sharmishta, a ex-colleague from India visited Paris on a business trip, she took me out for a long walk, to the Eiffel tower and for a French dinner. Going out in winter was not as scary as I thought; you get warmed up after a bit of walk. More over there were nice things to watch, lots of Christmas trees, the light city Pairs was lit up with more lights for Christmas, more over Eiffel tower stood magnificently with half covered fog. I guess I should stop being a couch potato in winter and discover Paris and Europe by winter too. Thanks to Sharmishta, thats her infront of Notre dame, the cathedral where Napolean got married.

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