November 27, 2006

Charlie’s Angels…

Andy, (you guys might have already read about him in my earlier blog) a very intelligent post-doc in my lab, and I was lucky enough to work with him for almost 2 years. He got a position in a very prestigious genome Institute (Tigr) in USA, and today he left back to him home country. We are very happy and proud of his success in getting a prestigious position in such a young age. We will miss him a lot, he is an open encyclopedia, we can jump into his desk with any type of SOS question, and he had instant solution for our problem and more over a nice friend to get very frank opinions. But luckily we will be still working with him through skype to finish couple of publications together. We took this picture today in the airport, that’s Nazanine and me with our Charlie. We will miss you Andy!

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