November 28, 2006

As the sun went down yesterday …

One thing I miss a lot, living in a city like Paris is the view of the horizon. I think it’s very typical of a city, which are not boarded by sea/ocean. In Paris it may be also because of Haussmannization. In 1852, urban planning was done by a very famous French civic planner called Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, which still conserved and make Paris one of very unique city, without skyscrapers (there is just one inside the city). In the Paris all the buildings are just 6 -7 storied, with almost uniform design, in a way this adds charm to this city, but sometimes it makes me feel claustrophobic too. Especially during winter, when the parks close very early and it’s too cold to sit next to the river. But luckily I have nice view of the sky from my present work desk; it’s nice to see the clouds making new designs in the blue sky. Yesterday since I was already feeling blue, with Andy’s farewell, may be the sky didn’t want to add more blue, it showed me some magnificent colors and designs to cheer me up!

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