November 13, 2006


Something I learnt about myself from my recent travels.. I don’t like to spent time before my computer during my trip…even if the hotel room have wifi, Also I take some time to come back to my laptop after my trip….yeah, I was just feeling lazy and spent time in writing reports about my conference. I wanted to update my blog with small exciting things happened during the conference, the most exciting part of the conference was that I showed my work poster to Peer Bork, a bioinformatics big-shot from EMBL and to Ginger Armbrust, a oceanographer (diatom) big shot and got constructive criticism. Also my talk in small satellite meetings, Algal and Toxic Algal meeting was very rewarding, got a chance to explore the Algal world. Now where did this great conference held?

Just 30 mins by speed boat or 45 mins in a ferry or 1 hour in a train from Naples you reach this very cute town Sorrento. My conference held here on the top of a small hill, in a luxurious conference hall in Hilton. Most of the balconies of the Hilton had a view on the sea and the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, we didn’t have much time to explore the town, but enjoyed the music, dance and food of the region as a part of the conference dinner, drank liters of Limoncello. That was lots of science and fun.

Other lessons I learned: Don’t take a speed boat, when the sea is rough. On my way back to Naples in a speed boat, the sea was rough and every one from my lab got sea sick. 2. Don’t eat in Indian and Italian sea food restaurants, these guys reuse the fish oil(well they consider fish to be vegetarian), and I get my sea food allergy even if I eat veggie stuff there.

That’s a picture with Angela, an Italian colleague, during the breakfast, with Mount Vesuvius in the background.

More pics from Sorrento

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