December 08, 2006

A Friend in deed..

Finally its the day... I am leaving to Munich (hopefuly the fight will not be cancelled..its so windy today)..with my best friend Micha, for a long weekend, One very common feature of all my good friends is their Patience..its really takes lots of Patience to be my friend, to put up with my stupidity and talkative nature, with out any filter between brain? and mouth.. and specially Micha is an ocean of Patience..he puts up with my stupidity and still always nice to me....just like this cute monkey.. Its going to be lots of fun.. going around Christmas markets in Munich with him.


MrM said...

So much about our friendship, Aka!
You are calling me a monkey - you´ll regret it in Munich. And no, I don´t want to share that banana with you, thank you very much.

Uma said...

you better share it..or you will regret! :-)

Sunitha said...

ok, you both fight and let me have the banana !