February 15, 2006

Story of Us!

Long long ago, very long ago, few millions of years ago, the earth was inhabited only by cute little microscopic, single cell organisms (even before the formation of my diatoms). And one day one cell was swallowed up by another cell, Sad!!! But wait this story has a really happy ending. This event lead to the formation of 'higher' cells, my diatoms and later many other plants animals etc. yeah! True we are all formed because of the ‘monster’ cell, which mercilessly swallowed another cute little cell. And this cute little cell sacrificed itself but now lives eternally in millions n' millions of other organisms. Sacrifices are always painful, but No Pain No Gain! Next time when we are forced to sacrifice some thing, may be we can try to do it with a smile, remembering this cute little our ancestor. Now, if you want to know about how these newly formed species were saved, check out the romantic evolutionary story from Magix ‘n’ Curse! I enjoyed reading that cute blog today!

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Anonymous said...

The conscientious objector is a revoultionary. On deciding to disobey the law he sacrifices his personal interests to the most important cause of working for the betterment of society.
- Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

hi came to your blog from your comment on harish's blog.

I must be a decade older than you but i am so jaded and cynical that my survival literally depends on blogs like harish and yours that i keep finding everyday.

So young so full of life and so positive...

I finished reading all your posts in the archive at one go.
All the best in your research.
Will keep checking your blog regularly henceforth.

I was on a holiday in Paris about a year and half back.
Initially the plan was only Italy but friends wanted to stopover at Paris but the cynical me was not so keen about the so called city of lights and lovers.

But I just loved the three days i was there. We stayed at the Latin quarter. At some point later in life would like to visit for a longer duration.


Uma said...

Thanks a lot for your comment Uma! Yeah! Paris is very nice. Infact I work in Latin quater, I like to call Paris as a Poetic city! I feel lucky to be here!

Harish said...

We're made up of cannibalistic cells? :(

and hey, thanks for the link!

Uma said...

Yeah! Harish! True, may be that’s why we have both devilish and angelic instincts within us  (“kadaool pathi..Mirugam pathi”)