February 28, 2006

Jack of all trades...

Jack of all trades? and master of None! I was trying to be this Jack last week and made some big mess. I am was working on a publication, I got some really cool results, which we will send for publication tomorrow, as I was working for this paper, I got bored of the computers and got interested in other colleagues work, and started to do some 'biology lab' work with the white coat and with some colored solutions etc.. Hmm! after 6 years, I was holding pipette and DNA in my hands. Then one of my friend who does photography asked me if I can work with him in making some portraits, hearing the word 'photos' and 'portraits', I got excited again and started posing for the photos (that was quite a interesting experience, will write about it in a separate post, when that project comes to a completion).End of a my successful first year, my boss selected me to go with him to USA next month for my Diatom genome annotation jamboree, so, started with one more paper work for my visa, I came out of the successful messy week by working for 35 hours non-stop, even without a small nap. That’s one of photo taken as a part of this ‘Portrait Project’,thas me with the real mess I made will all my ‘Paper works’ last week.

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