February 09, 2006

Sit Back and Relax!

Guess, which is the best country to work? Obviously it’s France! Its just 35hrs per week and 5 weeks of paid holiday per year! It’s really wonderful to see people being so relaxed, with nice outings in the weekend, and long summer and winter holidays. I feel this type of system really improve the efficiency in work too. Work hard and then sit back and relax. Great food, and beautiful towns to visit. Wow! It’s just a beautiful, poetic life style.I am slowly getting into this life style; I use to be really workaholic like any other IT guy in India. Going for a Roman holiday, very soon.Also waiting a free trip around the world. A friend of mine, Arjun is going around the world, mostly on road, except for few hops over the oceans. The best part is that he is a good photographer, so let’s wait for free world trip through his artistic eyes...Here is just preview, from his recent trip to china (that’s not part of his world trip)I have posted here few photos stolen from his web site. Check out for more in his online album and blog.

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