February 11, 2006

My Portrait...

Today I was cleaning my files, in the lab and I found my portrait, done by a cute little artist. In the summer on either side of the river in Paris, we find many artists doing portrait of people, I always liked it, but never had patience to sit and do one for myself. But few months back once, when me and my boss, Chris was in a meeting and Martha, his daughter was sitting with us, did this portrait of me and Chris. So, that’s the portrait of me and Chris, and that’s Martha with her brother, taken during a lab picnic. Aren’t we (she & me) cute?


ashgene said...

Hi uma,
My love to Martha, she has proved that she is the daughter of a biologist. Her eye of detail is evident from her drawing. See the shapes she has given for the male and female in the figures! its simply great. Seems she knows what she is doing!. Btw did you tell her that the long hair is actually not yours and its a wig!!
- ash#

ashgene said...

Hi seems france is a great place for all the thrills in life! :-;
can u find a position for me?
- ash#

Uma said...

she is really talented.. also no one else can shrink me so well..not even the adobe photo shop ;-)

BTW..u want to come here? I thought you wanted to the neighboring french speaking country ;-)