January 02, 2006

It's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

My first Christmas in Europe and Santa Crash-landed in my home. I got many Christmas gifts from my friends. A nice cap from Alcidio(check the photo in flicker), a nice sweater and a valvet jacket from Poonam( made in her fashion boutique), Assaf and Nivi gave me ‘Mary Poppins’ dvd. So, I am now out of Disney’s (2004) “Finding Nemo” addition and now got addicted to Disney’s (1964) Mary Poppins. I was seeing this movie for the last 5 days. Its just wow!!! Nice to see a movie filled with positive thoughts, one on my favorite aspect in the movie is the usage of the Idiom “look further than the end of the nose”, Is that not a good solution for most of confusions and the problem we face?
The facts and figures we learn builds up our ego and block us from looking further than the end of our nose. Is it not true that the smartest part of the brain is not the place where we store the facts and figures, but the part which makes us understand how little we know? "Lets This New Year Be Practically Perfectly In Every Way."

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Anonymous said...

Happy (perfect) New Year to you too