December 16, 2005

Success is Skin Deep?

We were just discussing about the 'DNA test for world peace' and scientists have discovered the genes for the skin color. Its really a bad news for the big group of cosmetic industry in India which makes money by saying their products changes the skin color of girls and hence make them more successful in life??? Is the secret of success and beauty is just skin deep??
The cute little zebra fishes helped us to identify the genes involved in the skin color. Now what about the religious gene?? May be before we identify this genes, we have to find a religious fish... ;-) I guess we will be more 'human' if we just follow the animal instincts within us and get synchronized with nature.
This picture is taken today in my Lab Party, thats me with Iva and Lila, a picture representing European, African and Asian girls. People from 13 different countries work together in my lab.Its just great, we never feel the difference at work or as we get together in parties... Check the Side link for more Party Photos(

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