January 18, 2006

Grand Ma's Medicine With Picasa!

All these days, I am really working like a nerdy scientist; it was just work and reading blogs, I saw some really interesting blogs on Pongal, had a nice chance to see pictures of Pongal celebrated across the world, try the “Blogger Search” with keyword Pongal. Thanks to Google’s Blogspot! As I was reading Arjun’s blog about his visit to china and his pictures from china, saw an interesting collage picture of him and his friends, I asked him a very intelligent question if he printed the photos and arranged it and took an another digital picture of that. I guess, as photography tutor of mine, he might have really felt ashamed of having such a dumb student, like me, he said its just few clicks using Google’s Picasa! It’s the bit of homework I did with college option in picasa, that’s Arjun, taken when he was sick and had to take my grand ma’s medicine. Milk with turmeric, honey and black pepper powder, It really works well, but by his ‘before and after’ drinking facial expression, you can imagine how yummy it can be! ;-) If you have throat infection try this medicine and Picasa, if not just try Picasa!


Whoosh said...

Hi uma,

thanks for ur post at vikramkural.blogspot.com .. I have given that blog a bit of a rest now as I have moved to another location.. U can catch me at http://onecrush.blogspot.com

See u there :)

joune said...

I believe we still haven't discussed my modeling and teaching fees! ;-)

Uma said...


You forgot to pay the doctor's fee.. for my grandma's medicine..so forget your modeling fee ;-)

But you will get your teaching fee, when you make me an expert in photography..so..good luck!