January 25, 2006

True Importance!

Today I read this short and sweet story by Paulo Coelho, His book 'The Alchemist' was big inspiration for me in a very crucial stage in my life, Also wrote a email to him regarding that and got a cute inspiring reply from him ! :-)

"True Importance!" by Paulo Coelho From his collection of short stories( can download freely from his site)Now..Here is the Story...

Jean was out walking with his grand father in Paris. At one point, they saw a shoemaker being insulted by a customer who claimed that there was something wrong with his shoes. The shoemaker calmly listened to his complaints, apologised and promised to make good the mistake.

Jean and his grandfather stopped to have coffee. At the next table the waiter asked a man if he would mind moving his chair slightly so that he could get by.The man erupted in a torrent of abuse and refused to move.

"never forget what you have seen", said Jean's grandfather. 'The shoemaker accepted the customer's complaint, while this man next to us did not want to move.Men who perform some useful task are not bothered if they are treated as if they were useless, but men who do no useful work at all always think themselves very important and hide their incompetence behind their authority.'

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Anonymous said...

people are confident of their thinking, and authority is the out come of this thinking and confidence.

"One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane."
Nikola Tesla, Modern Mechanics and Inventions. July, 1934

based on the above quote we can say authoritative people confidently insane!