January 21, 2006

Nivi's Day!

It’s Nivi’s B’day Today! Happy B’day Nivi! But unfortunately she was not in Paris to celebrate it together…busy in her Art School in New York. But we got great news that her phytoplankton,Diatom cartoon titled 'zoom into the bloom was accepted for publication, along with Assaf’s Research Paper in one of very good Biology Journal. Yeah! That’s the phytoplanktons, zoomed in by Nivi’s artistic hands.
End of a very hectic week, I was completely brain drained and dead, I was about to leave the lab, just then Alcidio dropped in with his friend Micha, and had a very nice Japanese Dinner, with three very cheerful men (Iam Just posing with the sticks for the photo,never able to eat with that ;-), Brain is now completely charged up with their laughter, and excellent sushi, for a rocking weekend... Bon weekend!


Anonymous said...

bon appetite ... bon weekend!


Anonymous said...

bon appetite..bon weekend Uma!


Anonymous said...

I like the diatom cartoon, Its neat. Can you send me a larger version?


Uma said...

hey Ullu!

I dont have the larger version, will ask my friend about it, anyways, you will find it in next months Plos Biology issue too!