January 28, 2006

Men build too many walls ...

"Men build too many walls and not enough bridges." - Issac Newton. I read this nice quote today in the Paris souvenir book that we got for Assaf... Today is Assaf's farewell, we had a party in a friend's bar, with a nice Moroccan dinner. We got him few gifts, one was this book with nice pictures of Paris and beautiful quotes, we signed in different pages. I signed in the page which had the above quote and photo of one of the oldest bridge built during Napoleon's period in Paris. I felt this page was just made for me,to express myself to this man who build bridges instead of walls, Assaf is the first person who helped me as I took my first step into West! He helped me to build the bridge between East and West, Today, he is confidently leaving me behind with this beautiful bridge, lovely friends of him and wonderful memories to join Nivi in New York!

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