September 19, 2007

Stadt der Wissenschaft

No I didn’t learn German in two days, just that word because that’s the most appropriate word to describe the town I visited (Stadt der Wissenschaft – town or city of Science). We drove into the town almost at midnight seeing this small town intertwined with very old classical style house and some modern ones, just in the banks of the river Saale…..

……… That’s exactly when my computer crashed!!!!!!!! (14th sep 2007)

When I came back from Jena, I was over excited by my work, I was able to understand the importance of the type of work that I am doing and I was able to appreciate it more than ever. But this excitement didn't last long, as I was typing my blog about the trip, my computer crashed (the memory failure this time). Hoping that I can get it fixed with system admin of my lab, i left to my lab and on the way I lost my mobile, with all my contacts! then running to the police station, fighting for a new mobile and sim card with the same to know that I have to replace the RAM in my computer...hunting for a cheap and good one to fit in my emergency budget! Hmm! that was just the start of the depression, the actual storm was yesterday! my friends, who know me for a long time will refuse to believe this but I promise its true! I SCREAMED at my lab mates yesterday for a stupid issues and then as usual cried and cried for hours but thank God in very strong and supportive shoulders of Micha! Anton who can understand my lab more than me, made me realize that with type of personality I have, I will always have few 'burning' people around me and I should be strong enough to face this and when I started telling this to my brother, he asked me the full name of the people who annoyed me, in the 'godfather' style, I was bit worried first and then I realized that he is asking just to send some positive energy for them and for me during his meditation. Now don't ask me, what went wrong and why I shouted! that's altogether a big story, I fill first fix my energy depletion, and then I can describe the incident more objectively!

anyway! that's a photo of Max Planck, proudly standing(?) in a very beautiful chemical ecology institute named after him, the best biology lab i have see in my life, well organized and a very beautiful modern building standing in between the valleys in Jena.


Anonymous said...

i will not worry about your energy depletion, No weapon against thee shall prosper:

btw my dear heidelberg is Stadt der Wissenschaft???


Uma said...

thanks for the love! you know right? my friend Ahamarshan always says this to me, when i am in such conflicting conditions!

"whatever you do shall prosper and no weapon that faces against thee shall prosper".

you guys are making me so nostalgic about the good old days!

sometimes, this non-understandable love i receive from people surrounding me put in me in very conflicting condition with girls! Western girls (at least the ones i know) don't understand that you receive more attention and love from men even when it platonic than by doing trade with their body to get man's attention.... (poor girls lost in their liberation movement!)

check this out! Jena is Stadt der Wissenschaft 2008 it seems!

Anonymous said...

I have one question - can energy be positive or negative ?

Uma said...

the energy which used in destructive things are called negative energy, like anger, ill-will , lust, jealousy etc. and the energy which creates peace and harmony is called positive the actions which results in love, compassion etc. so the spiritual energy is classified into positive or negative based on the action and impact.

Anton said...

although i dont think i said "because of your personality", i remember saying that this is inherent to this job, no matter what you do you will always have people being critical about your work. Whether you feel happy or not with your work should not depend on other people praising you or criticizing you, otherwise you're in for a loooong time of stress in this job. Unfair criticism occurs all the time in the world of academic science and in life in general. just pointing out that i dont believe there is anything particular in your personality that should make you a target for criticism.

iamyuva said...

will remember for my next visit..

Uma said...

i meant being susceptible to the people comments and talking it to my heart as my weakness in my personality! the funny part is people who offend think that it was just an entertaining event!