September 24, 2007

India / Relationships - Between Earth and Sky!

How exciting the life can be, if we dare to have a new dimensional view to our life! yesterday I had a interesting discussion with some of my friends about the feeling of possessiveness in an relationship! we all agree that any relationship should be based on faith, but still we don't agree/like our partner spending time with someone we don't like, I feel this feeling of possessiveness(?) is not as the result of fear of losing the partner but its a question of dignity. Most of us will agree that if the partner have a valid (dignified) reason to spent time with a person whom we don't value or who don't have much values in life, we will not suffer from this relationship crisis. A good relationship may be perfect balance between earth and sky!
Every time when we can see a action,place, behaviour or a thing in a completely new dimension with the help of a friend, poet, philosopher, painter or a! what an enlightening movement! I have see lots of photographs of India, today I happen to see Nicolas Chorier, a french Kite Aerial Photographer's collection on India. I was overwhelmed to see it from a completely new angel. Check his site! (specially India in the 'editions' menu and some wild whales in the 'nature' link! ) I didn't know that we can do so many exciting things with a kite and can make me miss India!


Anonymous said...

penn puthi pin puthi, don't try to justify ;-)

Uma said...

exactly...thats a good reason for not believing girls ;-)