September 21, 2007

My best friend's birthday!

In the name of culture we started giving hard and fast rules to define everything we do and for the relationships we encounter in our daily life. Different culture share the common core definitions for relationships with some slight variations. Lack of knowledge of this intricate variations can put us in difficult conditions. For instance in friendship, I feel in India the intimacy of the friendship is often expressed verbally and with lots of friendly gestures and some 'basic' friendly gestures are given more monotonously to acquaintances or even to people with whom we don't share anything in common. But doing the same here in the 'west' have got some of my acquaintances from work suffocatingly closer to me, then in my attempts to escape from this suffocation and try to create a healthy distance end up in the creation of 'big' distance. Also, I feel it happens often with girls, may be we girls lack empathy or too egoistic to accept that they can be source of suffocation?

While I was playing this game of distance and healthy distance in friendship, there came a person in my life who gave a new definition for friendship, he showed me that just silent presence of a person can make a big difference in our life and he gave me the assure, 'I am there for you' just by this silence. Well! even though i have suffered enough because of my 'Indian friendly gestures' I cant completely give up my Indian way of verbal definition of friend, so let me give a glimpse of my special friend in my bollywood style......Can you imagine mix of a German (intelligence)technology, their healthy delicious salad with sophisticated french perfume and style? such an unbeatable unique combination is my best friend and today's birthday boy Micha, he always creates his own ways and may your path always filled with green trees and teas!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Micha

MrM said...

Thank you Anonymous...
My, my - the first anonymous birthday wish I ever got. Plus in the comment section of a blog. 21st century - ahoy!
Thanks to Uma then, too!