September 26, 2007

Nila Kaigirathu

Sorry Guys! I have been bit bitchy lately! Life is full of ups and downs and we meet all sorts of people! It’s not good to lose our balance and to generalize things. If you are wondering where I got this enlightenment, yesterday I saw the full moon from my bed, beautifully hiding behind my curtains and clouds. This made me recall one of my favorite Tamil moon song, “Nila Kaigirathu” (Moon is shining), little girl singing (to console her sad father) a beautiful song in Carnatic (Tamil nadu’s classical music) style.
The song goes like this, we have the moon, breeze and beautiful flowers, my little eyes can see it, my little hands can feel it but no one else seems to be enjoying this (they are doomed in worries), We have the sun, air, pouring clouds, cuckoo’s songs, earth and sky to bless us everyday, take the life as a gift (live it happily) !
Lets count our blessings! When there is light, the darkness disappears! I will go and wait for the moon!

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iamyuva said...

yap..good one. and if into carnatic then you would like this youtube group