September 11, 2007

Road to Jena!

Just before my summer vacation, Chris asked me if I am interested in presenting some work in Jena in Germany. Just hearing the word Germany and thinking about the delicious salads they make, without even having a second thought about amount of work I need to do for that, I told him a big yes! After coming back, I genuinely tried to collect enough data for the meeting, with two power fluctuations and one server break down in the past 10days, my current status is like this. “I can never make it for the presentation”.

I have to leave today. To add fuel to this depression, just at the last minute checked my tickets booked by the lab secretary, the itinerary is more complicated than my life. I have to fly to Frankfurt then to Leipzig and from there an hour on road to Jena, 6 hours travel to my neighboring country? oops! All this for the German salad? Why I didn’t ask Micha to make one for me?


Anonymous said...

have fun :-)


Anonymous said...

Micha is awfully busy these days, you know. That´s why he couldn´t make a salad.
Have fun anyway - and eat loads of the leafy stuff!
Guten Appetit!