June 08, 2006

Thirukural Lady!

Thirukural is one of the oldest works in Tamil literature . Its composed of 1330 verses written Thiruvalluvar, I like the one which talks about helping others, the best way to help someone is by comprehend the need of the person, and help them even before the person asks for it and helping without expecting anything in return nor using this deed (helping) to feed your ego. It’s very very rare to see such things happening, in this fast world, if we ever wait to analyze a person, it may to find faults with the him/her. We hardly have time to look into the needs of the person. But in Bruges, I met such a nice lady, living upto Thriukural, the Dutch Lady I met in the ferry from Bruges to Damme, working in the bar in the lower deck of the ferry, treating the people with a genuine smile and coffee and snacks. I had almost an hour chat with her, got to know how much she put her heart and soul into the work, and giving all possible tips about the region to the tourist, to make the best out of place they are visiting.

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