June 24, 2006

Pétanque fever

The world is suffering from the Foot ball fever, and the temperature of this fever had a sharp rise in France as one of match today was played by France which qualified them to enter the second round. But we guys in the lab had the Friday Pétanque fever; Pétanque is a French game, which also now days played in some more countries in Europe. In summer Friday evenings, we have a small lab get together to play this Pétanque, Its played with small metal balls, and its more fun in our lab as every one is from different countries, we have some real international competition . Today the Israel-Spain team won the match and India-USA team was the runner up. French team just won in the foot ball match but lost to us in the Pétanque. The place where we play the match add more interest to the match, of course each stone in Paris have a history to share, we play Pétanque in a Roman Arena close the lab called Arènes de Lutèce, which was built by Romans in Paris in the 1 AD. It’s a really cool place. These are some of the photos taken, while we were playing today and check out these wikipedia links about Pétanque and the Roman Arena.


Marc Frischer said...

Hi Uma - Great to meet you! If you get sick of working with Andy et al you have a bright future as a Petanque referee.

Marc F.

Uma said...

Thanks Marc! It was great meeting you too.. I am sure I will not bored of working with your intelligent student,Andy.. In fact he is my teacher in Petanque too..