June 15, 2006

Marie-Antoinette ...

I saw this movie today; It was a virtual vist to French Royal Family! It’s on the queen of France Marie-Antoinette, wife of Louis XVI. It was during their rule the French revolution happened. And both this queen and the king were guillotined in Paris. I was touched by few aspects of the movie, the movie beautifully shows the ‘Rich French Culture’ and the beautiful palace of Versailles. Versailles which is a suburb of Paris, which still attracts thousands of tourists every year, has a very rich/sad story behind it. My recent visit to Versailles made me appreciate this movie more. Later as an after-shock, I was reading a lot about the king, queen and the French revolution, I was bit shocked to read that my favorite square in Paris, Place de la Concorde is the place where they had the guillotine installed during the revolution and many royal people were including this king and queen were guillotined. I was Shocked to know that these two lovely places, Versailles and Place de la Concorde have some royal blood strains on them. That’s the place of Versailles and the place de la Concorde picture taken by Priya. Check out the more Versailles photo in the flickr. I guess this movie is yet to be released in US and India, Check it out! Ullas and Priya, dont miss it! I am sure you guys will appricate it more as a after impact of your Versailles and Paris Visit!

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