June 05, 2006

Beautiful Belgium!

This weekend, I was roaming around in the Belgium. It’s my first Solo trip, It was not that difficult as I was imagining. I started on Saturday morning from Brussels, I was walking around the classical center of the city, visited the comic strip museum, Belgium the birthplace of Tintin and many other comic characters, the museum beautifully shows the history of comics and cartoon. Late in the afternoon I took the train to go to the most beautiful place I have ever seen, Bruges. I was not able to believe if such a beautiful place can ever exist. Canals crossing all over the small town, the buildings built in a classical theme. This several thousand old town had many small interesting stories to tell. The next day morning came took a small ferry to go to the country side a small village called Damme. Hiered a bike and went on biking, I was just asking for directions to explore the beautiful country side, they said if I just follow the canal for 30 min, I will reach Netherlands.(Well this is called cross country biking. ;-) The most impressing part of this country side is the wind mill, which is still functional, grinds Kgs and Kgs of wheat everyday it seems. Check out the photos in online Album! – Beautiful Belgium!


ashgene said...

Looks like you have been chasing a lot of windmills in belgium?
- ash#

Uma said...

yeah! I saw 4 in two days!

Sid said...

Belgium photos were really wonderful, thank you. Did you shoot Belgium with your Canon EOS500?

Uma said...

Belgium was very beautiful...

The last few photos in the set after this one

was taken in canon, rest is digital

thank you