November 29, 2005

To Assaf and Nivi

As I promised on Friday, its time to write about the my friends Assaf and Nivi. Assaf works with me in my lab,a great..great scientist and Nivi is his girl friend, who is a wonderful artist and two of her books, kids cartoon book will be released soon. It would have been impossible for me to handle the 'Cultural lag ' problems(during my first few rough days in Paris /Sometimes even now :-( ) without them. In a Hindi Movie "Munna Bahi MBBS" they often talk about The 'Jadu Ki Japi' (The Magic Hug), a hug which can cool down any emotionally stressed person. I understood/experienced the real meaning of this 'Jadu Ki Japi' only because of them. Now to the Exciting Part, this friday, with after the big emotional arguments about love (as an impact of JK's quote on Love) I checked my mail and I saw Assaf's mail, saying, By the time I read the mail, he would be crossing the ocean to meet Nivi in New York (which was a surprise for her) and to propose her, Today he was back in the lab with successful and exciting Love Story...Wow! Now! Its time for me to pack up and be ready to go to Israel for their wedding....! Yeah ! Thats Assaf and Nivi in the picture, taken during a party in Chris's (My Boss) house.
In spite of Hindi Movies famous for many many crappy sentimental stuff...this 'Jadi Ki Japi' sentiment is really really good....If you have not watched this movie "Munna Bhai MBBS" yet...the first thing you guys should do is, to go and see this movie and the next step is,when ever you see someone down, give a 'Jadu Ki Japi' and say ' tension nahi leneka.. apun hai na' ( Dont Worry! I am there!) Believe me it really..really works!

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