November 13, 2005

Philosophy starts in a Paris Bus Stop!

Nine months back, when I just landed in Paris, I was trying to find out all the possible(bus,metro,RER etc) way to reach my lab. Found that if I take the bus Line 38, the nearest bus stop is "Auguste Comte"...Oh No! Another tough french name...!!! In spite of me having 'google search disease', this name never inspired me to do a google search, may be I assumed that it should be the name of a famous french painter or a writer, as the most of the streets and places are named after them(Thanks to this system of Naming). Today I was reading an article on Altruism, which is evolutionarily, culturally, socially, and religiously significant word. May be this is one of the word where the three different poles. Science,Religion and Philosophy shake hands. And this French Philosopher,Auguste Comte also referred as father of sociology coined this word 'Altruism' it seems...
In Phytoplankton, including my diatoms, its been observed that they sacrifice their life for the survival of the its neighbours in the 'colony', in the time of disease and food(nutrient) limitation. Also this nature of 'unicellular altruism' might be an evolutionarily significant event which lead to the formation of multi cellular organisms(including the 'selfish human'). Today the BBC news says that 'Loneliness could be in our Genes'....Oops! when did 'we' lose this altruist genes of single cell ancestors and got these 'selfish' genes. Something ..Somewhere..Seriously.. went wrong!!!

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