November 01, 2005

My New World... Blog..!!

Yesterday I saw some really cool Blog sites, and thought why not let me have one! I dont have any speacial news to post , but I thought I can share my small exciting things happening in my Research and Life in Paris. So created a Blog called "Diatomist", I picked up this habit of giving fancy names from my last 3 years experience in a corporate! So, why diatomist???, because I work in Diatomics...Ok..ok..enough of fancy terms, I work on Diatom Genomics. Well!! to know more on Diatoms you can either click on the favourite links just in the side of the page, or wait till I finish my PhD ;-) So, the genome of Phaeodactylum tricornutum (Diatom) is my research topic!!!


Sandy said...

i prefer to wait to know more on about your diatoms

ash# said...

Diatomist- throughly a name suitable for a science fiction novel! and enough strength of punctuated syllables a very good coinage, sure after aishwarya rai u might be the hunt for the casinoroyale'.
Cheers mate!
- ash#