November 03, 2005

The Sweet Barbarians

Today I went to a painting exhibition " The Sweet Barbarians" by Marke.(Arjun's Friend). It was in 3rd arrondissement. (Paris is divided into 20 arrondissement - districts .I guess this was my first venture into the heart of 3rd arrondissement of Paris,Naturally, In spite of having two maps I was lost on the way to exhibition and also the way back. But I guess Paris is the only place,where you feel lucky to get lost, every street corner of Paris always have something new to show you, the more you get lost in Paris, the more you enjoy the city. This district of Paris have lots of art galleries,with huge glass windows displaying its own unique arts , was also lucky enough to bump into the Picasso Museum.
Now to 'The Sweet Barbarians', it was in one cute little gallery. And obviously as the name suggests, it had the portraits of (fictitious pop band) some sweet barbarians including Arjun's ;-) (sorry didn't go with my camera) unable to give you guys the feel of the exhibition. I like to get lost in 3rd arrondissement again, may be then I can try to catch the glimpses of the exhibition in my camera ;-)


Anonymous said...

arrondismis@##%$*%^% = whatever sounds very vintage and greek in a beautiful french quarter! Is there any other simplified names for these arrondis.......?

Uma said...

Hey Ullu,

I still dont know to pronounce this word (arrondi#@$@#..) :-( First time I heard it from my bank manager when he was helping me to fill up the bank application,who can talk bit of English, but struggling to translate this word. This world also made me lose all the hope of picking up french. Google translator translates this word as 'district'