November 01, 2005

Changes..On Diwali

Guys! Not Even a year now,Since we took this picture, but there are lots of additions and deletions in our group photo right? Two have babies, one is married, three are out of country! Just rembering the good old days and the evenings when I use to crash land in Neha's kitchen, for the sunday chai and the for the delecious Dinner.! Missing you All on Diwali! Happy Diwali Guys! Well My Diwali in Paris..nothing so special, except for the my Diwali wishes I got from 3 (one 50% and two 100%) French Men ( I can hear Sunitha saying 'sudarja' ) wait... these wishes are spl. because I got it in Hindi, All three speak good hindi..Aj kal main bee thoda bahooth hindi bhool lathi hoon ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey there Uma, you have nice blog site, but make sure you keep them posted regularly

-ash# said...

I think you shld name everyone in the photos! particularly the pretty girls who arent engaged yet! U know am looking! :-;

Selvi said...

Oyee! uma, u r in france, u shd learn french and not hindi