May 15, 2009

Healed in the woods

Most of the people in science advised me to take a long break after the Phd, to de-stress, relax and to prepare for the next level of stress .But with growing socio-economic pressure in Paris, I took the job within one week after submitting the thesis. I wish the whole world should be “France” in their social security system. In spite of being a foreigner there, I enjoyed lot of social benefits, including their unemployment benefits. Thank you France!! But few French people may not like that, paying their tax money to a foreigner, specially a strange friend I had, Within few minutes, they made me feel so alienated with the country which I was feeling second home. With such silly socio-economic problems and with many other friends to heal me with their love, nature did this attack on me.
I moved to this beautiful house and with wonderful people. I was totally engulfed by the warmth of green woods, fresh oxygen, and caring people making me comfortable in a foreign land.
I walked this road to work,
over the dew drops in the grass, sometimes turned myself into a kid, removed my shoes, to splash the dew and rain drops collected over the grass. Thus began my Tsunami of bliss in the woodend..more..

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