May 20, 2009

Beer you're talking

Days are running so fast, it is already a month in Cambridge. I feel I am completely soaked up by the greens of Cambridge. I always wished to see the beautiful historical buildings of Paris without cars, now I can do that in Cambridge, the historic city centre is a pedestrian area, as you walk in the centre of the city you feel you are transported in time, just as in few “quartier piĆ©tons” of Paris. One major difference from Paris is my work environment, after working with molecular biologist, for the first time working with a full team of bioinformaticans. Oh! God! They were so silent. First few days we hardly spoke 10 or 20 words per day. Later they started opening up with glasses of Beer. Yesterday had a small outing after work to the 36th Beer festival. So, Beer is the socializing tonic for the English as the wine for French.

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