June 03, 2008

A voyage of discovery!

Yesterday I felt as if I was talking to the one of the most intelligent person I have ever met. Victor Smetacek, a senior oceanographer and listed in the top 1000 faculty of biology (I afraid ranking may be an underestimation of his intelligence)! He invited for dinner yesterday (thanks to a small misunderstanding) ; finally I had a very enlightening evening, we went for a long walk in his huge garden, which totally looked wild but as we walked inside I was able see how he tamed and almost knew every leaf, flower and birds by its name name , he beautifully explained the evolution, struggle for existence, survival of the fittest, biological clock , continental drift, Importance of iron for living things and of course lots on diatoms ! Finally left with so many questions, why do some organisms evolve faster? Why there are so many varieties of cow while less of buffalos, can we save the earth from global warming? Can the diatoms, the phytoplankton save us? After having delicious food for thoughts it was time for dinner, I taught him to make the south Indian Okra curry (Pulikolambu) while he made some dhal and potato bharta. Also had a chance to meet his wife and amazingly strong lady! I hope I can have more interaction with her today!

Check out this small article about him in Nature! And also his wife Karen’s website!

In pic is Victor and Karen in their garden!

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