June 16, 2008

Good, Bad and Ugly!

That’s how my day was,Good because I felt happy to help someone in the bus today! As usual the trains were on strike and there were two foreigners got stuck outside the metro station without knowing how to get back to their hotel which was in a remote suburb of Paris, they were happy to see me talking in English, I gave them the mobile to get help from the train helpline....no luck! And then I dialled my usual ‘dial a friend’ helpline, called my dear Micha ‘Mikipedia’ and no surprise he gave some instructions for them to get back to their destination. They were literally in tears! This brought some tears in my eyes too! Micha can I give your mobile number in my blog as helpline for people who got lost in Paris? Anyways you speak English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and now a bit of Hindi and Tamil too, so it will be very useful..No? Yes? No! Ok! I already did a Bad and ugly thing for today, so I will not do one more!

Bad part of the day! I got money from one of my best friend for doing a very silly help this weekend, Am I not evil? I tried my level best not to take it, but he literally twisted my hands in the road to put this money in my bag! My dear Alci, you are bad! but thanks for the Japanese dinner!

And the ugly, People who read my blog may know that I have great group of friends , whom I am very proud of, In the same way I am very ugly when I feel uncomfortable in a relationship and sometimes I feel I am very rude as I start taking steps away from these uncomfortable circumstances. I have lost some friends in this way and touch wood many are back with me after understanding and eliminating the conditions which made our relationship uncomfortable! Most of the time, time is the healer! I need to learn to avoid such Ugly condtions!


MrM said...

What would you not do to get comments, Uma?
The answer to your question is obviously no. My phone number is not for Mikipedia purposes, questions relating to that are only to be retrieved via the Internet. I am rather touch, I must point out, that our collaboration brought tears into peoples eyes. What is the world coming to?
However, I do agree that Alci is a bad person, because he din't give me any money, even though I was full psychological Mikipedia support behind the efforts you made to deserve that money.I deserve it too! Ratty Portuguese! I hope Germany beats Portugal this Thursday in EM quarter finals (but I doubt it!)... and now - back to work, bleh!

MrM said...

And Germany DID beat Portugal. So there!