June 04, 2008

Friendly people!

I got lots of warnings from my friends before this trip, In Bremerhaven the weather is always bad, and the town is very boring as it is almost only made of a tiny harbor and this marine research institute. But last few days I am having a nice time, lots of nice discussions with great professors, the real marine biologist who go into sea to collect samples etc. Another remarkable thing (which really makes me feel very jealous ) about this institute is that most of the PhD students live in house with their own garden and have their own separate room at work, and so they have the luxury of getting their dogs to work every day. That is Lucy, dog of Michael. And I told you… people and even animals here are very friendly to their guest! I always share a very good chemisty with dogs!


iamyuva said...

fyi -- remember reading in lonely planet that- historical museum there, highlight migration settlement and one of must visit place.

Uma said...

yeah! you are right! We had a nice dinner in that museum but no time to explore it! now that i made many friends there, I am sure i will have more chances to visit this place.