March 20, 2008

With Adhittan experiencing Anicca ...

Adhittan and Anicca! These are my favourite words in Pali, an ancient Indian language. I like it more because I can hardly follow them. Adhittan (strong determination) and Anicca (Impermanence; transience). When we can understand and experience the transience nature of this world, we can free ourselves from craving, aversion, hatred etc... and hence help us to have Adhittan. Well! Where did i get this sudden enlightment? I thought taking an Adhittan on my eating habits, especially after returning from India with few extra pounds. Last 3 days I am on Juice fasting, the detoxification process makes me experience this transient nature the of tired evenings and very brisk and fresh mornings! Understanding Anicca without craving (food) and aversion , helping me my Adhittan. Nice to do something which I thought I can never do in my life! Before I finish, todays dose of India’ s story! This is one of my favourite photos of Micha ..sorry by Micha! I feel it is a nice representation of India, colours...unity in diversity...the mess.. and peaceful? co-existence!

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